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Mint carbon tokens from Reference NFT

What is it?

The bridging process is completed once the Reference NFT metadata is updated with the serial number generated from retiring carbon offsets on the source registry. This means that the NFT now holds the equivalent amount of carbon credits retired. After that, the user can decide if they want to fractionalize their NFT by minting SPL tokens called SCT (Solana carbon tonne) that represent the carbon credits in a tokenized form. For instance, an NFT representing 1000 credits can be fractionalized into 1000 SCT tokens by minting them on our dApp.


After fractionalization is done, the SCT token smart contracts carry the metadata from the NFT, meaning that they trace back to the project-specific attributes such as vintage, country, project name, and more. This is vital as carbon credits in the voluntary market trade at different prices according to their project-specific attributes and metrics such as additionality, baseline, permanence, and more. However, this causes a problem as there isn't enough liquidity to facilitate the trading of these credits. To tackle this issue, we have created Carbon Pools, which aggregate liquidity to index tokens where every carbon token is treated equally.

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